Trickle Up India: The Lift Irrigation Song

The “lift irrigation” method, which uses the pump and gravity wherever possible, has been so beneficial for the village, the lives of its inhabitants have changed dramatically–so much so that this Trickle Up project has been honored with a folk song. Written and performed by Nibaran Mohato in Manjhihiri, a village in India. Translated from Bengali by Maitreyee Ghosh.
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It is the kindness of Jamgoria Sevabrata and Trickle Up

That they have installed the lift irrigation in Majhihiri.

They have also dug canals

And given goats, sheep and pics and pumpsets to the people of this hamlet.

The poor are so happy for that.

They bring the water from the river into their own land through lift irrigation

And less migration to Bargwan.

Even 60 years have passed since Independence.

There was no one to take care of the poor.

Now the poor have courage with the help of Jamboria Sevabrata and Trickle Up.

As the lift irrigation machine is lifting the water of the river

And that water is coming to the land.

And for that our land is getting enough water for crops.

And the sounds come out… kol-kol, kol-kol… with the flow of water,

Farmers are getting confident

And this water lifted by the machine

Has created the scope of cultivation by all poor farmers.

Kol-kol, kol-kol.

*Jamgoria Sevabrata is a community-based agency implementing the Trickle Up program in India.

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