We Walk Together

This short documentary explores how women living in extreme poverty are using video storytelling to find their voice and help one another confront gender-based violence, child marriage, and promote gender justice in rural India.

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Las Técnicas

Members of Trickle Up’s technical team share Indigenous heritage with our project participants. The FUERTE project allows them to connect more deeply with their native languages, Tzotzil and Tzeltal, and communities in Mexico and supports the connection of Indigenous community members and leaders across the regions.

Lilias’ Journey

Lilias’ Journey

Lilias Amana is a force in her community in Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. But she didn’t start there. Lilias is a South Sudanese refugee to Uganda, having fled from violence and making the arduous journey with what little she could protect of her business and life back home. Learn more about Lilias’ journey to self-reliance and resilience.

Becoming a Partner of Choice

As a partner of choice, we are proud to provide technical assistance in this program design and implementation to our partners who are experts in the local context. In other program locations, we carefully vet and select local partners to help us best reach the most marginalized people.