2014 Annual Report

Trickle Up strives to strengthen our impact in every household we reach.

In 2014, Trickle Up helped 8,185 people in five regions – an increase of more than 25% from 2013 — start or expand businesses, learn new skills, build savings and assets, and forge powerful social bonds with one another. With about five people benefitting from each Trickle Up business, we reached more than 45,000 people.

Our partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees served 3,147 people in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt. We continued two innovative projects to explore new ways to support highly vulnerable populations: at-risk children in Burkina Faso and women in India who face domestic violence. In June, Trickle Up was selected to be the recipient of the InterAction 2014 Disability Inclusion Award, recognizing our longstanding commitment to people with disabilities.

Audited Financial Statement

IRS Form 990


2023 Annual Report

View Our participants achieve economic empowerment, financial resilience, and social inclusion and agency, supported by in-depth coaching. Working closely with Indigenous and tribal populations, people with disabilities, and people facing forced displacement, Trickle...