Coaching In Displaced Contexts

Coaching is a key part of the Graduation approach and Trickle Up's programs. Read the brief to find out more about how we continuously improve this program element.

In May 2023, Trickle Up invited partners from three Graduation projects in East Africa to share the opportunities and challenges they identified in implementing Graduation programs in contexts of displacement with refugee and host communities.

During the first two days of the event, titled Self-Reliance in Displaced Contexts, Trickle Up invited implementing partners to share learning and experiences from three projects that are delivered with technical assistance from Trickle Up: Graduating to Resilience, implemented by AVSI Foundation; Building Self Reliance and Resilience in the West Nile, implemented by DRC Uganda and CEFORD; and the Kakuma Graduation Project, implemented by NRC Kenya. The final day was an opportunity to share learnings and engage with a larger group of donors, partners, researchers, and peers committed to addressing extreme poverty in contexts of displacement.

As a part of disseminating the learnings from this event, Trickle Up is publishing thematic briefs on key topics covered during the event.

The first of these is on coaching.

The thematic brief covers the role of coaching, the impact of coaching on participant outcomes, Trickle Up’s technical support for coaching, and key recommendations from the collective discussion in May.

Click the button below to download the full brief and get an in-depth look at coaching in Trickle Up’s programs.


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