Disability, Poverty, & Livelihoods

This guide encourages and assists organizations seeking to include people with disabilities in their livelihood programs.

Trickle Up’s work with marginalized populations around the world has enhanced our ability to include people with disabilities in our projects. We found that engaging with people with disabilities in Guatemala is surprisingly similar to engaging with marginalized people in marginalized communities in our projects in India and Burkina Faso, most of whom are people without disabilities.

This guide allows us to share what we have learned, some pitfalls we encountered, and some examples of transformation we witnessed as people with disabilities, and their households and communities, overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges through the course of this project.


Self-Reliance In Displaced Contexts

During the first two days of the event, Trickle Up invited implementing partners to share learning and experiences from three projects that are delivered with technical assistance from Trickle Up: Graduating to Resilience, implemented by AVSI Foundation; Building Self...