Our Work in Burkina Faso

65% of participants in Burkina Faso report having two or more businesses

In Burkina Faso, Trickle Up’s program focuses exclusively on rural women living in extreme poverty. Due to significant barriers to financial inclusion and economic empowerment, women tend to be disproportionately represented in this segment of the population.

Through its local partners, Trickle Up works in provinces that are characterized by repeated poor harvests due to the arid climate of the Sahel, which over the past decade has led to serious nutritional consequences for young children. Since 2007, Trickle Up has implemented the Graduation Approach with approximately 5,450 households, effectively impacting over 27,000 beneficiaries to date. 


Leveraging Technology to Drive Inclusion

This blog was originally published in Cisco's Transformational Tech series under the name, "Leveraging technology to build economic opportunity and drive inclusion for women in extreme poverty". The Transformational Tech series highlights nonprofit partners that use...