Outcomes Report 2013

What difference does Trickle Up make in the lives of the women we serve?

Over 34 years, we have worked with hundreds of thousands of people who have successfully started or expanded businesses, earned enough to reduce hunger and improve their families’ lives, saved money and gained access to credit, new skills, confidence and social connections. 

The Trickle Up Outcomes Report presents the evidence of how Trickle Up helps people start on a pathway out of extreme poverty and vulnerability. The results of our monitoring and evaluation research are key to the continuous improvement of our programs, and we present our results knowing that there is always more to learn. 


Impact and Scalability with ‘Graduating to Resilience’

At U.S. Senate Testimony on April 9, 2024, USAID Administrator Samantha Power commends the Graduating to Resilience activity, a poverty reduction program piloted in Uganda, for its impressive impact and scalability. The Graduating to Resilience activity consortium is...