Reaching the Ultrapoor in India

As of 2015, Trickle Up had reached over 34,000 households living in ultrapoverty in India.

In collaboration with local Indian partners, Trickle Up has employed the Graduation approach with women living in ultrapoverty in West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Odisha. Simultaneously, in order to reduce the vulnerability of the poor who are at risk of falling into ultrapoverty, Trickle Up India has implemented a modified, less intensive program with additional poor households living in the same villages.


Meet Jane

The DANIDA Graduation project led by the Danish Refugee Council in partnership with Trickle Up and CEFORD is a pilot project to build self-reliance and resilience in the Imvepi Refugee Settlement. Since 2013, the South Sudanese Civil War has displaced over 4 million...