Unstoppable Women

Trickle Up presents 15 inspiring MPOWERED stories from the most important perspective—the women connecting to new opportunities through digital connectivity and livelihoods support.

What happens when the world’s poorest women have a wealth of information at their fingertips? Trickle Up tested this hypothesis by putting the power of mobile phones into the hands of women in India who strive daily to overcome conditions of extreme poverty and vulnerability.

MPOWERED demonstrated that smartphones, when coupled with effective coaching, can help women gain access to information that can boost the productivity and profitability of their livelihoods. The new connectivity allowed them to access their personal bank savings, connect to government programs, and link to markets. Mobile connectivity also gave participants greater access to healthcare and family services. Healthcare workers, doctors, and Anganwadi centers—government centers for childcare and health services—were now just a call away, making families safer and more secure during Covid-19.

This compendium tells the stories of 15 women from the project who have crafted successful journeys with support from the project. With determination to bring change in their lives, they have adopted digital technology to attain financial independence and greater agency. In the process, they have gone on to become community leaders.



In May 2023, Trickle Up invited partners from three Graduation projects in East Africa to share the opportunities and challenges they identified in implementing programs in contexts of displacement with refugee and host communities. During the first two days of the...