2020 Annual Report

Trickle Up creates breakthrough opportunities for women living in extreme poverty. With extreme poverty on the rise for the first time in 20 years, our work has never been more important.

Even as the pandemic gripped the world in 2020, restricting mobility and opportunity, Trickle Up staff and participants demonstrated their resourcefulness and determination. Trickle Up invested in 62,000 people (97% women), benefitting more than 360,000 family and community members in some of the hardest to reach—and hardest hit—places on earth.

Facing the challenges of the pandemic and several extreme weather events, we are doubly proud to report on our successes from 2020.

Audited Financial Statement

IRS Form 990


2022 Annual Report

View Despite these challenges, the Trickle Up team continued to successfully partner with thousands of women worldwide. Women in our projects made incredible strides on their pathways out of poverty this year. They continued to build skills, take their...