Building Resilience

How Trickle Up is Responding to Climate Change

Climate change is a threat multiplier for the poor, amplifying existing vulnerabilities such as poverty, hunger, and poor health. Nearly half the world’s population are estimated to be highly vulnerable to climate change but do not have the means and conditions to adapt. The poorest parts of the world, and the poorest people within them, are the most severely affected.

As climate change threatens to undo more than 50 years of global poverty reduction, Trickle Up is expanding its programs and partnerships to respond by helping vulnerable households and communities build resilience—by identifying risks, adapting livelihoods, planning for emergencies, and working together.

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Recipe for Year One

It’s hard to believe I joined Trickle Up as President and CEO nearly a year ago.   On the one hand, time has flown by. Yet, I feel as if I’ve been part of this organization and a member of the team for a lot longer. Our board, staff, partners, funders, and peers...