Juan Carlos Villatoro

Communications Officer
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Juan Carlos Villatoro joined Trickle Up in 2017 as the Communications Officer for the Americas office and is based in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

In recent years, Juan Carlos has focused on the development of strategic communication projects for NGOs and International Cooperation Offices, which support people with disabilities, women's rights, food security and education.

Before joining the Trickle Up team, Juan Carlos worked on communication issues in Juvenile Justice for Central America for the National Center for State Courts of the United States (NCSS) and in Rights of Children and adolescents in Latin America with Save the Children and in cooperation offices in Central America.

Juan Carlos began his career working in strategic creativity for the development of campaigns in advertising agencies and the media, during this period, he combined his work in commercial life with volunteering in education for working adults and without access to education for Guatemala City.

Juan Carlos has combined a career in communication and teaching fields in communication and visual and audiovisual creativity in communication faculties and design schools in universities in Guatemala.

Juan Carlos holds a bachelor's degree in Communication with a specialty in Advertising from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, studies in Marketing Management from the Open University of Loyola, a postgraduate degree in management training from the Institute of Public Administration of Guatemala with the endorsement of Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey de México and a master's degree in Corporate Communication from the European University of the Atlantic of Spain.

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