Manuals & Guides

Graduating to Resilience Cohort 1 Fact Sheet

As part of the AVSI consortium, Trickle Up is providing technical assistance to the Graduating to Resilience Activity. IPA evaluated the first cohort of the program through an RCT.

EQUALS Digital Literacy Curriculum

Trickle Up teamed up with AVSI Uganda to test two approaches for women’s digital literacy and inclusion. The curriculum is now available for open source use.

Graduation and Refugee Standards

A Guide for UNHCR Operations & Implementing Partners

Graduation in an Urban Refugee Context: A Technical Guide

Graduation Approach design and implementation support manual for refugees and host communities in urban areas

We Walk Together

Self-help groups as a safe space for gender justice

Disability, Poverty, & Livelihoods

This guide encourages and assists organizations seeking to include people with disabilities in their livelihood programs.