EQUALS Digital Literacy Curriculum

Trickle Up teamed up with AVSI Uganda to test two approaches for women’s digital literacy and inclusion. The curriculum is now available for open source use.

Digitizing the Graduation Approach for Scalability

Trickle Up is deepening and expanding its digital innovations to enhance the effectiveness and scalability of the Graduation Approach, with a particular emphasis on supporting coac ...


Trickle Up seeks to address the interlinked problems of extreme poverty, the marginalization of indigenous women, and the effects of crises such as climate change and COVID on peop ...

Ultra-Poor Market Access (UPMA)

In Odisha, India, 70% of production work is done by women, while agricultural commerce is overwhelmingly dominated by men. Trickle Up aims to give women the chance to break those b ...

Panel: Addressing the Gender Digital Divide — Innovation in Kamwenge

Spotlighting the EQUALS Digital Literacy Project with a discussion on the creation of the digital literacy curriculum, project implementation, and impact.

Empowering Women Farmers

With philanthropic support from the Walmart Foundation, we’re working with 1,000 women as they build sustainable and resilient livelihoods through agriculture in Odisha, India.

Closing the digital gender divide part 2: Testing

Digital literacy and access to technology has never been more essential. With AVSI, we're identifying solutions to close the gender digital divide.

Closing the digital gender divide part 1

Access to mobile technology and digital literacy skills remain key barriers for women living in extreme poverty. Trickle Up and AVSI are working to bridge the digital gender divide ...

Town Hall: Countering Catastrophe

On May 19, 2021 Trickle Up hosted a Town Hall discussion with AVSI on lessons learned implementing a livelihoods program for refugees and host community members in Kamwenge, Uganda ...

Connecting Women in Uganda

Trickle Up, AVSI and the World Bank team up to bring digital literacy skills and our tested approach to help women refugees and host community members in Uganda build sustainable ...

Town Hall: Adapting Graduation for Refugees

Trickle Up held a virtual town hall to discuss how Norwegian Refugee Council and Trickle Up are working together during a global pandemic to help refugees in Kenya gain new opport ...

Building Self-Reliance for Refugees

As of 2018, over 70 million people have been forced to flee their homes to escape persecution and conflict